Why Go For A Car Insurance?

Car insurance is often seen as a necessary evil, as most of us have to pay for it each month. The initial price can be pretty high, and many people are tempted to leave it until the last minute each month before paying for it. However, your car insurance can actually be one of your most valuable assets in the game, and here’s why:

Knowing when to turn on your car insurance is a big part of learning how to play the game. You’ll almost never want to use it as soon as you buy it, as you’ll be wasting cash. The trick is knowing when to turn it on. Some great times are:

When you’ve just been sold a damaged car by an unfortunate R* glitch – Whilst chasing or being chased by the cops – Just before starting a mission

By activating your insurance, any damage that you take whilst doing these things will be covered by the insurance company. This means that you won’t lose any money, which is obviously a great thing. Just make sure it’s on before you start the mission!

As well as protecting your car from damage, your car insurance can also protect you against job bans if you are involved in police chases. If your profile gets banned during a chase, you’ll still be able to get your car back once the ban is lifted.

Still, car insurance helps out in other ways, too. You can ensure your car any time you like, which means that if you want to store it somewhere safely (like a garage) and keep it for later, or if you want to go on holiday, then your insurance company will pay out the value of your car when it was last driven.

If you know when and what to protect yourself against with insurance, it can be one of the most important and effective tools in the game.

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