What To Know About Skincare Masks

A Skincare mask is a specially designed cosmetic treatment applied to the skin on the face, neck, back of hands, chest, or other visible body parts. The goal is to aid in the rejuvenation of the skin while also retaining moisture. It can be done with strips or cloths or put on directly with cream.

A Skincare mask requires some time for drying after being applied. It may be left until the mask is completely dry, or rinsed off earlier. The length of time required for this varies between types of masks.

A Skincare mask treatment does not always have to include an actual cream or moisturizer product. Many people choose to use a Skincare mask as an opportunity to relax, by enjoying a self-pampering treatment such as soaking in a warm bath or applying moisturizer on the face.

Skincare masks used for moisturizing purposes can also come in the form of an exfoliating mask, which is designed with the purpose of removing dead skin cells and encouraging cell regeneration. This type of mask is often used in the treatment of acne or other skin conditions which can be aggravated by dry skin, like psoriasis.

When removing Skincare masks at the end of their drying period, it is advised to use warm water instead of scrubbing off with a towel. This may cause damage to the facial skin and irritate it.

Many different types of Skincare masks exist, such as:

Clay mask (Kao Biore): A common type of facial mask is a clay mask that uses the natural absorbing and cleansing properties of clay to purify pores. The use of clay has been documented in ancient civilizations like Ancient Egypt and Rome. Kaolin, Bentonite, and Fuller’s earth are some of the most common types of clay used in facial masks.

Masks: Cream or gel which is applied to an area on the face and cleaned off after a certain period for removal.

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