The Latest iPhone Models You Need To Know


iPhone has taken the technology world by storm and there is no sign of slowing down anytime soon. There are a lot of new features with the latest iPhone models, many of which were firsts for iPhones. The following are some of the major changes and new features that you need to know about when you are opting for the new iPhone models.


The camera has been the most mentioned feature with this new update, with many saying that it is one of the best cameras ever to be put into a phone. The fact is that even though it’s now 8 megapixels, not much else has changed. There are no optical zoom or wide-angle capabilities and no LED flash. Still, it will be one of the best cellphone cameras out there.

Bigger full HD screen

The iPhone5 has a four-inch display, making it bigger than the last few iPhone models. It’s also a higher resolution, making it clearer and more immersive. The retina display is made with new technology that allows for better viewing from different angles.

Thinner and lighter

This is the first time that an iPhone model has had the thinnest profile since Apple released the first one in 2007. Apple has managed to reduce the thickness by 30 percent and the weight by 15 percent. The result is an iPhone that’s 1.3 ounces lighter than the previous models.

Redesigned operating system

The new operating system is called iOS7 and is based on the latest version of iCloud. It includes a Siri voice-activated assistant, Flyover feature, and searchable app folders. The system is designed to be simpler and more intuitive than ever, making it easier than ever for people who aren’t tech-savvy to use.

New earpods

The new update includes redesigned earpods. They fit better in the ears and make the sound louder. It uses a hardware design that makes it easier to fit better and create better sound clarity.


iPhone has been a huge success and the new models will no doubt do well as well. It’s a testament to how well Apple is doing that they are on the cutting edge of technology and in great demand as far as smartphones go. It has been an amazing journey watching this one phone become so popular and attract such a huge fan base around the world. The fact that it’s not just appealing to young people but also to older generations who have already bought their first or second smartphone is an impressive feat in itself.

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