Benefits Of Goody Ouchless Women’s Elastic Hair Tie

Goody ouchless women’s elastic hair tie is designed to be as comfortable as possible with its soft no-slip grip. It’s made for all hair types, thick or thin, and is easy to use – just stretch to the desired length and wrap around your ponytail or bun. The patented design keeps the elastic from digging into your scalp while providing a snug hold that doesn’t give you headaches. They are a pack of five so you can share them with family and friends!

Benefits of Goody Ouchless Women’s Elastic Hair Tie

1. The Goody ouchless women’s elastic hair tie is a pack of five.

This way you can share them with friends and family.

2. It is designed to be comfortable as possible with a soft gel grip.

It allows you to use it without feeling uncomfortable like other hair ties that are made for ponytails, or those that have a rubber band-like texture which makes it impossible to use because your scalp gets irritated.

3. It is easy to use – just stretch it to your desired length and wrap, no need for scissors or anything else necessary.

4. It is made from 100% clear silicone, which is perfect for those of you who have fine hair that can be easily seen.

5. They will provide you with a comfortable and snug hold without causing you headaches.

6. They are perfect for all hair types, including thin or thinning hair strands without making them look messy.

Customers review

With new hair, ties come new demands and this is certainly true in the case of Goody. For some time now they have been known primarily as a manufacturer of elastic hair holders designed specifically for kids to help them keep their hair in place, but thanks to the requests of many customers, they’ve now introduced a range based on a patented “no-slip grip”. It’s an excellent product that has been created with passion and knowledge: it has been designed by those who care about their customers!

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