L’Oreal Paris AHS Lock It Bold Control Hairspray

The days of having to keep your hair in a ponytail or bun all day are over! Let L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Bold Control Hairspray take care of your locks for you. With up to a 48-hour hold for any hairstyle and quick-drying properties, this hairspray will have your style locked down in no time. Plus, it’s water-free and humidity-resistant, so you can go about your day worry-free.

The Lock-It Bold Control Hairspray has been created using advanced technology to give you the ultimate in styling power. It contains a unique blend of ingredients that ensure maximum hold while giving you the freedom to move around without worrying about your style being affected.

The quick-dry, light mist allows your style to stay wet-free and humidity resistant for a sleek finish. If you are looking for an easy-to-use hairspray that gives you the best hair hold, then look no further. Whether you need it for curl definition, unmanageable hair, thick hair, wavy hair, frizzy hair, blowouts, or shine enhancement, this product is perfect for you. Give it a try today!

L’Oreal hair care products are designed to help you achieve the best possible results. Their ingredients nourish and protect your hair from damage caused by heat styling tools, chemical treatments, and environmental factors. The result is healthy-looking hair that feels manageable.


A safety test ensures that the product does not harm hair. You can use this hairspray over hair dye.


Lock It Bold Control Hairspray is available in an 8.5 oz can. Try Elnett Satin Hairspray if you are looking for a travel-sized hairspray.


Simply spray it on dry, styled hair from 10 to 12 inches away to instantly lock it in place. Use more spray for a stronger hold. This hairspray applies in a fine mist for even coverage and will hold your hairstyle for up to 48 hours. Spray at the root for added volume or all over for frizz control.

Information about animal ingredients

Both derived from animal sources, Lanolin and honey are commonly used in cosmetic products. The ingredients in L’Oreal products are not derived from bovines (beef) or porcine (pork).

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