All You Need To Know About HP Pavilion 15 Laptop


This is the HP Pavilion 15 Laptop. A stylish and sleek notebook is more than powerful enough for all your computing needs. Though the laptop may have a low price point and the design motif may be common, that doesn’t make it any less worthy if you choose to buy it. This is a laptop for those who want to take their computing experiences up a notch without breaking the bank. It’ll prove to be worth every penny spent on it as you run your computer smoothly without turning it off one single time.

Who should buy this laptop

1) People who are happy with their current laptops should avoid buying this one. Due to the same constructed design and the same capabilities, this laptop will really prove to be an inferior product in comparison. It’ll not be any different than what you could get for $100 or even less. This is because its specifications are only a 16:9 screen, a 2 GHz Intel i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, and 500 GB of hard drive space. Similarly, the graphics card is low-end as well. On the other hand, if you are really on a budget and you have been looking for a quality product at a good price, then this is the laptop for you.

2) People who are looking to buy their first laptop should also avoid buying this one. As opposed to becoming your first laptop, this one won’t prove to be an amazing product. This is because the laptop does not come with a Windows 10 OS, but rather a Windows 7 Pro version. This means it will only be upgradable to Windows 10 when you have the service plan that allows you to do so. Although this may still be beneficial if you are planning on upgrading to Windows 10 as your primary operating system, it’s really not recommended as you don’t want to buy something that can only eventually work in tandem with your current operating system. If you are not planning on upgrading to Windows 10, then it’s best to just avoid the whole thing and get a laptop that comes with a better PC.

3) People who want high-end graphics capability should look into buying an Apple MacBook instead. If you are someone that is more of a gamer rather than wanting to do heavy video editing or 3D modeling, then instead of spending your money on this HP Pavilion 15 Laptop, it’d be best to spend your money on an Apple MacBook.


This laptop is definitely one you should buy if you’re on a tight budget, looking to upgrade an old laptop, or just looking for something new. Despite the low screen resolution and graphics card, this laptop provides more than enough capacity to meet your computing needs.

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